What is YOUR Why? Mark Porter 5 March 2024

What is YOUR Why?

As a friend, parent, colleague, coach, confidant, or any other role you take in people’s lives, you will engage with others to support them during challenging times. How do you/will you handle the situation?

Key points from my research and experience:
  1. People cultivate a state of mind to protect themselves from perceived harm
  2. Knowing the “why” (reason to live) allows people to endure the “how”
  3. The “why” evolves as we evolve
  4. The desire to find “meaning/why” in life is the primary motivation in each person for growth
  5. Each person’s experience in life makes them unique and opportunity lies in each experience
  6. Tragedy and struggles are a part of life…life incomplete without such events
  7. Courage is the ability to suffer and transform tragedy into achievement/personal growth
  8. Growth from personal struggles initiates when we find “meaning” in the struggle
  9. People have choice …beliefs/perceptions/response result of free decision
  10. People choose their attitude/actions to move forward…if can’t change situation, change your attitude
  11. Stress/apprehension is present and expected in struggle to transition from current state to desired goal
  12. Fulfillment is a by-product of meaning
As a coach:
  1. Focus on the future and goals to achieve
  2. Focus on broadening their spectrum of conscientiousness of potential goals/meanings
  3. Focus on them making choices and being responsible/accountable for their choices
  4. Don’t provide “answers”….help them find the “WHY”
  5. Emapthize, but don’t enable…personal accountability and responsibility for their choices
  6. Don’t label…each person is an individual with unique experience and a different “WHY”

The “meaning/why in life” is individualized and evolves in each person’s journey. It underlies the choices we make regarding actions and attitudes. Support others in defining their “why” but understand that they are accountable for their actions and attitudes. The great coaches provide the environment where others discover their “WHY”!

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