Planning For Change Mark Porter 31 January 2024

Planning For Change

Change is not linear! Planning for change needs to be systematic yet agile!

Successful change practitioners understand the fundamentals of successful change. They focus on ensuring the following 7 contributors are implemented. They recognise they must be agile, empathetic, and engaged throughout the transformation.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”

Alan Watts
Greatest Contributors to Change Success:
Engaged Sponsorship: most critical success factor
  • Need to have influence (appropriate level within organization!)
  • Preferred source for Business Messages
  • Build Sponsor Coalition…. Coach/support team
  • Ensure necessary budget/resources available
  • Model desired behaviors
Must not:
      • Underestimate people impact of change
      • Delegate role to less influential personnel
      • Misalign communication
Structured Change Management Approach: formal approach with shared language
  • In-depth analysis phase/gap analysis
  • Customize to address leadership (mid-level) resistance
  • Identify success factors
Frequent/Open Communication: Transparency/consistent/diverse channels
  • Interactive/Relevant
  • Answer: What’s in it for me?
  • Answer: Why? (Future State/Benefits/Risk of not changing)
Employee Engagement/Participation: Impacts, future state, proposed solutions, change champions
  • Identity key change agents
  • Engage stakeholders often/celebrate wins
  • Increased engagement = increased support = increased project success
Dedicated Change Resources: Change Aids
  • Project Schedule/Timelines/Deadlines
  • Training for skill gaps: relevant/engaging/practical
  • Defined principles/roles (Change Charter)
Integration with Project Management: defined roles and cohesion
  • Work in parallel
  • Clarify scope/scope changes (Project Plan)
Engagement with Middle Managers: advocates for change/greatest resistors
  • Engage early
  • Preferred source for Personal Messaging

Soteria Alliance’s approaches change systematically implementing the key drivers of change!

Soteria Alliance understands change is not linear, and is agile in responding to the needs of your organization!