Know Your Role…Play Your Role Mark Porter 1 February 2024

Know Your Role…Play Your Role

Have you been engaged in a Change Management project? A major contributor to unsuccessful change is a lack of clarity for roles and responsibilities throughout the change. If you want to complete a successful change, the right people need to be engaged and they need to be performing the correct roles.

Change Sponsor (VP/Director/GM)
**Most critical component of Change Success**
Support The Team
  • Build Sponsor Coalition…. Coach/support team
  • Remove barriers of change
  • Ensure necessary budget/resources available
  • Reward success
Champion the Change
  • Visibly support change management
  • Own the change/scope
  • Participate in activities and messaging…Town Hall/Kickoffs/Q&A
  • Clarify roles and expectations
  • Align leaders/managers
  • Define success
Business Owner
  1. Big picture focus: vision/roadmap/strategic decisions
  2. Reviews/approves risks and mitigations
  3. Conduit to/through executive leadership
  4. Oversight Change/Project plan aligns with desired direction/standards/best practices
  5. Owns roadmap and accountability of change
Managers and Supervisors

*Employees primary influencer (CLARC: Communicator/Liaison/Advocate/Resistance Manager/Coach)

  1. Advocate/Champion Change: support change/align with sponsor/Change network
  2. Communicate: aligned with leadership/future state
  3. Coach: empathy/support/reward accountability
  4. Engaged with Project Team: impacts/planning/solutions
  5. Conflict resolution
Change Network

*informal representatives: additional support network to increase ownership and align change objectives

  • Change Champions: communicate/awareness/support
    1. Impacted end users: Credibility among peers
    2. Hierarchy: multiple levels of personnel
    3. Influential leaders: formal/informal
Change Practitioner (Director of the Symphony)
  1. People focused: change in people’s behavior/attitudes/role/compensation
  2. Prepare, equip, and support impacted audiences
  3. Actions/Strategies to mitigate people resistance
  4. Influence/Coach leadership
  5. Collaborates with Project Manager
Project Manager (Technical)
  1. Design/develop/ deliver technical solution
  2. Business case/Project Plan
  3. Define project needs/goals/scope/budget
  4. Lead/delegate technical/BA tasks
  5. Strategically plans/eliminates risk
  6. Provide schedule of deliverables
  7. Collaborates with Change Manager
Business Analyst (Technical)
  1. Analytical thinkers: explain difficult concepts to non-technical users
  2. Analyze, Evaluate, Refine processes = Impacted Audience (Market) Analysis
    • Areas of improvement
    • Potential solutions
    • Document and communicate results
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  3. Data: sorted to Information (usable/pertinent)
  4. Collaborate with PM to create Project Plan/Business case
    • Document findings
    • Present to vested members

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