What’s in Your Coaching Toolbox? Mark Porter 7 February 2024

What’s in Your Coaching Toolbox?

Coaching and development professionals require a multitude of tools in their coaching toolbox. Too often coaches focus on their preferred methodology and attempt to “fit” every leadership client into the coach’s favoured technique. People are unique! Personalities are unique! Situations are unique!

The best leadership coaches personalize their approach to coaching based on the needs of the client!

Fundamental to being the “Best” coach is having in-depth knowledge of Neuroscience!

Neuroscience: the science of the brain and the nervous system

***Premise: brain focuses on maximising reward and minimising danger (self-survival)

• biochemical processes that reflect mental activity prior to conscious interpretation
• investigate the primal causes of behavior
• neural processes basically identical across all individuals
• improving brain function, stimulating brain capacity, and brain modification for better brain performance

Why Neuroscience is a necessary tool in your coaching toolbox:
Science of Brain/Behavior/Relationship
  1. identifies the underlying biological and cognitive activities of people
  2. creates familiarity with the complexity of behavioural dynamics
  3. understand neural circuitry of how information is processed between people
Increased awareness:
  1. self awareness: better understand personal limitations and abilities
  2. emotional triggers in self and others
  3. how others make decisions and motivation
  4. context by understanding time, space, and situation
Increased ability/capacity to process new information
  1. higher order cognitive processing: solve complex social/cultural problems
  2. strategic reasoning: analytical process limiting affective/social neural brain networks
  3. more confident decision making
  4. gain insight/practical strategies for emotional regulation and trust with others
  5. consciousness of interactions and conversational intelligence (3 Levels)
    • Transactional – Confirming what we know
    • Positional – Defining what we know
    • Transformational – Discovering what we do not know
Why neuroscience cannot be the only tool in your coaching toolbox:
  1. Leadership cannot be explained by the brain’s response to stimuli alone
    • multiple levels of awareness simultaneously interpreted
    • multidimensional vested members: not simplified to thought processes of one individual

2. Brain not only site to which human behaviour can be reduced

    • intricately interrelated pathways of communication that account for behaviour


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