High Performance Culture Drivers Mark Porter 20 June 2024

High Performance Culture Drivers

High Performance Work Systems require the following 7 Performance Management Drivers for steady and quantifiable improvement in performance.

Performance Management Systems:

tools used for evaluating performance

    1. Defined/understood standards for performance evaluations
    2. 360-degree reviews: most significant impact on individual performance
    3. Activities promoting understanding, connection, fairness, and credibility rather than the “process”
Performance Culture:

risk taking, communication, flexibility

    1. Risk taking: incentives/encouragement to work on new ideas despite uncertain outcomes or initial failures
    2. Internal communication: frequent/effective communication between peers; opportunities for junior staff to interact with senior executives
Role of the Manager:
    1. Provide day-to-day solutions for employees’ strongest performance driver
    2. Recognize/reward employees for their achievements

Formal Performance Review:

once or more per year to document/discuss each employee’s performance level

    1. Emphasizing the positive substantial impact on performance
    2. Include personality strengths
    3. Specific about potential outcomes: promotions/raises/bonuses
    4. Detail employee long-term potential
Informal Performance Feedback:

Managers deliver in face-to-face conversations/e-mail/voice mail

    1. Conducted by manager rather than at the organizational level
    2. Credibility/trust within the manager/employee relationship is critical

Day-to day Work:


    1. Understand how to do their work, engaged in their personal development, and opportunity to outperform others
    2. Reward equitable to performance
Job Opportunities: Development and Training
    1. High-visibility development opportunities, working on things they do best, engagement with a strong executive team (most significant drivers)
    2. Opportunity to be challenged: launch new business, turn around a struggling business, significant responsibility/accountability
    3. Generic training limited impact on individual performance

Are you implementing these performance drivers? Is there accountability to assess performance and develop people?

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