Building a Winning Organization! Mark Porter 16 February 2024

Building a Winning Organization!

Successful organizations are people centric with cultures supportive for change, leadership development programs, and have high-performing teams at their core. Combining neuroscience with the scientific principles of psychology offers the greatest opportunity to optimize the people of an organization and sustained competitive advantage.

Leadership Development

Leaders continuously interact with others, both intentionally and unconsciously, and need to have insight into their thoughts, feelings, and emotions; and the impact that their behaviour has on those they are leading

    • requires deep reflective practice for self-awareness
      • ability that is not present in any other living creature
      • exploration/insight into our unconscious mental processes
    • social awareness to manage the impact of negative feelings in the workplace environment
    • emotional regulation

* increased self- awareness/understanding provides frame of reference to understand others
* same neural processes are associated with self-awareness and understanding

Three Stages:
    1. learning journey

    2. behavioural changes at a personal level

    3. behavioural changes at an interactive level

  • requires trust on cognitive and affective levels
  • perceived personal value is driving motivator for changing behaviour
  • positive outcomes from behavioral change
    • strengthen new neural pathways
    • increased happiness/confidence
    • improved relationships
    • personal/professional growth and development
    • enhanced team dynamics

**forced behavior change >>> limited sustainability/success
o Lack of choice/autonomy stimulates threat circuitry
o Impedes learning

  • People and brains crave/require social interaction…seek out others to feel understood
  • People sensitive to social rejection
  • People require sense of psychological safety: TRUST
    • openness/acceptance to diverse views/experiences of others
    • increased ability to access higher order functions
    • stronger resilience to cope with stress
    • cooperative/positive relationships
      • ability to empathize
      • cognitive and affective connection to others
        • cognitive: understanding of others’ experience
        • affective: share their emotional experience

“if you are my friend, I feel your pain… if not, I can think how possibly feeling, but I don’t feel your pain”

A business without people becomes an abandoned building. A leader without people following is just a person. A company without people willing to change is obsolete. Innovation without people to implement is just an idea.

Soteria Alliance develops leaders and teams through a deep understanding of the science of behavior. Optimizing people and performance to transition your organization for sustained competitive advantage is our business, our passion, and our promise!