Are you seeing the BIG picture? Mark Porter 19 March 2024

Are you seeing the BIG picture?

Does your organization accept mediocrity?
Is your organization uncomfortable with change and volatility?
Does your organization fix the symptom or solve the problem?
Are solutions presented top-down?

Often, established businesses become entrenched in traditional methods for performing their business. This is not a specific person or group’s fault, and individuals should not be blamed. Everyone is a component of the organizational system. Don’t blame the people! Blame the system!

Crisis in organizations are not created by an individual’s mistakes, bad luck, or external forces. Proof of this is that different people in the same structure produce similar results. Organizations must focus on the internal structure of the organization for the cause of their crises.

High performing organizations shift their mindset and implement systems thinking for solution creation. Systems thinking is about “seeing wholes not parts”. All components of the business are interrelated links. The interrelationships within an organization’s system make each organizations system unique. Therefore, each organization requires a unique solution to their crises rather than benchmark or clone solutions generated by other organizations.

High performing organizations focus on expanding their capacity to create their future rather than reacting to the present. The focus is on patterns rather than the immediacy of snapshots in time. They understand that individual or department success depends on the success of others in the organization. Therefore, organization members are engaged as active participants rather than helpless reactors in shaping the organization’s reality. Teams create solutions through inquisitive dialogue recognizing that:

    1. Problems cannot be approached from a linear perspective (Blame Game)
    2. Every influence/solution has both cause and effect
    3. Shared responsibility to unify knowledge/solutions across all the organization
    4. Structure produces behavior….change the structure/system to change the behavior

Cutting an elephant in half does not create 2 elephants! If you want to solve problems in your organization, approach them via “systems thinking” and look at the “BIG” picture. High performing organizations focus on the system rather than blaming their people!

Soteria Alliance implements “systems thinking” to help solve organizational issues.

Soteria Alliance customizes solutions vis “systems thinking” specific for your organization.

Systems Thinking improves productivity, profitability, and performance!