Michael McGrath Sandfly 26 March 2024

Michael McGrath Associate


Dr. Michael McGrath’s career combines professional experience as an Organizational Development consultant, as well as a revered business professor at the University of Southern California and University of Michigan. His professional experiences focus on leadership development, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness, and talent management. Michael’s 40 years experience has provided opportunity to work globally and in industry ranging through utilities, finance, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Dr McGrath’s expertise in organizational behavior provides him the unique ability to engage in all facets of people management. He has created customized solutions for executive level challenges through onboarding of new hire employees. Michael is proficient at applying analytical assessment tools, interpreting results, creating customized solutions, and embedding sustainable outcomes.  His experience includes the implementation and interpretation of customized 360° feedback assessments to more than 3000 leaders.

Highlights of Expertise

In addition to practical expertise, Dr McGrath has co-authored 2 books and written several published articles on the topics of leadership, executive coaching, and business strategy. Michael received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Masters Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from State University of New York at Albany.

Dr McGrath customizes solutions through multiphase programs focused on:

    • leadership
    • cultural change
    • and continuous improvement