Alexandra Shyshkova Sandfly 24 October 2023

Alexandra Shyshkova Associate


Alexandra has 2 higher education degrees including a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Kyiv’s esteemed Shevchenko University. She has 20+ years experience as a consultant and entrepreneur. Most recently, Alexandra has worked as a psychologist helping Ukrainian military personnel and civilians overcome psychological trauma and physical disabilities. Her passion is helping others attain self-fulfillment.

Previously, Alexandra has been engaged as a consultant in real estate, construction, engineering, automotive, fashion, advertising, and hospitality industries. Her combined pedigree of economics and psychology along with entrepreneurship provides her with insight into the tribulations of operating a business and coping with people issues. She approaches consulting from a “systems thinking” perspective that concentrates on solving business problems rather than reacting to symptoms.

Alexandra has worked extensively throughout Europe and consulted with clients from North America, Middle East, and Asia. Her cross-cultural experience and industry diversity supports her proficiency to facilitate workplace wellness and high-performance work cultures globally.

Alexandra is fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.

Highlights of Expertise
  • Corporate Training
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Business Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • People Management
  • Organizational Needs Based Assessment